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    December 10
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    Relatively tall, all things considered, but he's got more of a lean, almost willowy sort of build. Janghun's not imposing whatsoever, but at least he's aware he's not, and doesn't tend to think he should be. His eyes are dark coloured, but his hair colour changes on a whim, sometimes straight, sometimes curly.

    Truthfully, he dresses far too well for someone as simple and low-class as he claims to be. Whether anyone really believes he is, well, that part's in the air somewhere. He has an eye for quality and good craftsmanship, and has a few more jewels lying around than a simple researcher should.

  • Personality

    Janghun's got a very no-nonsense attitude, and a very keen intuition. His gut instinct has never led him terribly astray, and he trusts it. When one first meets him, he's got a snappy wit, a rather short fuse, and a relatively hot temper. He isn't terribly abrasive, though, mostly just very talkative, and perhaps occasionally somewhat bossy. He doesn't mean to be, and often doesn't realise when he is being so, but he recognises when he's upset someone and crossed a line, and will readily apologise and dial back.

    While his temper is hot and his fuse short, his ire does tend to go as quick as it comes. Some might mistaken him for a Lyn with how quickly his emotions seem to shift around, but he's a very loyal person, and repays what he owes, and will go to the ends of the earth and back for his friends and those he loves. What respect he has, he works hard for. Even when he wasn't but a mere wandering scholar, he didn't believe in getting anything handed to him by virtue of his name alone, and he isn't in the habit, now, of using anything but his merit and fair exchange to get things he wants. Janghun's greatest trait is probably that he wants to stand and fall on his own merit, so that he has, ultimately, no one to blame for his failings but himself.

    He is consistently looking toward self-betterment, and takes many steps toward it every day, and he is a very stubborn force when he chooses to be. One should be aware, though, Janghun is not a half-ass sort of guy. He gives what he goes after everything he's got, or he doesn't bother at all. This can make him somewhat confusing to some. The things he dives into headlong seem almost arbitrary, at times. He is, however, a bit too proud at the best of times to ask for help, even when he knows he should, and will tend to take the hard route most of the time due to this.

    Janghun is a very independent spirit, that perhaps has spent too long living in a cage. He's spent too much of his life, in his opinion, being told what he can and cannot do, so ultimately, aside from his pride, he doesn't ask for help because he doesn't want to end up indebted to someone else, nor have to go along with someone else's idea of what's the right thing to do, or having to listen to someone else's advice on the life he's living. He may not know what he wants, but he does know what he doesn't want, and that's at the top of the list.

  • Hometown
    Highland Central
  • Family

    He claims not to have any, but he has parents, an older brother who has passed away, and a younger brother and sister.

  • History

    "What, you want to know about me? All you really need to know is, I was born, and I grew up. I learned some things, like most people do, and then set off to find my own way, as most... people do. Right?"

    "Not happy with that? Psh. Okay, okay, don't look at me like that. The important stuff is where I'm at now, see? A long time ago, and everyone's heard this story, I'm sure you have too, the Naryu reigned champion among the Earthen Realm, right? Yeah, that story. Everyone's seen at least one of the Naryu's automatons before, and they're pretty impressive on their own. But they're powered by minerals called soulstones."

    "I'm sure, if you've been around the block a time or two, and judging by that glint of recognition in your eyes, you have been, you know what happens when somebody mines too many soulstones. Bad things, right? Entire villages and towns have been wiped off the map because of it. We guess that's what happened to the Naryu, but you know, that was a thousand some odd years ago, nobody really remembers. Well, maybe the Four Guardians remember it, but ain't any of them around, huh."

    "But every automaton I've ever seen, anyone has seen, really, was powered by soulstones. You can sense it, if you're any good at sensing Chi in the first place, but I'm digressing. I'm out here in bumfuck noplace studying automatons and ancient Naryu technology. There's gotta be a way to replicate what the Naryu accomplished without digging up a bunch of soulstones and pissing off the natural balance of whatever it is. At least, that's what I figure."

    "Here's a little secret for you: I didn't actually intend to get caught up dealing with Naryu tech. That was... well that was an accident. One of their automatons smacked me upside the head real good runnin' through the Cinderlands. Love at first whack, I guess."

    "Told you it wasn't all that interesting..."

  • Skills

    As is quite obvious speaking to him, Janghun's obviously very well-educated. He has knowledge of things most wouldn't, and seems to be perhaps a bit <em>too</em> well-versed in the ins and outs of varying empire courtly happenings.

    Aside, he also has some basic survival skill. Very basic.

  • Powers

    Some minor ability with hand to hand combat. It's something of a goal of his to eventually learn more combat technique, but that kind of went out the window...

  • Face Claim
    Kim Byungjoo (Bjoo)

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  1. Choi Janghun
    Yes, he knew that. A lot of people needed to just talk, and it wasn't like Janghun ever really had friends. Maybe that was why he'd eventually decided to dump half his life problems on someone he hardly knew. Still, he imagined it was a little bit on the rude side. It wasn't like Seiran had asked for all that, after all, and neither did he really need it (or potentially care). Maybe they'd work it out eventually, but, Janghun wasn't holding his breath. Neither were willing to bend, really, and they'd been at this argument for a good while now. He didn't expect it all to just magically be resolved. There was, perhaps, too much there, and it was really probably a matter of pride, in the end, for both of them. Besides, Janghun was fairly well-convinced any one of his siblings would be much better at it than he would. Court games never did sound good to him, but some people thrived on them. Janghun just wasn't one.
    Instead of answering the first bit, though, Janghun just gave a wry smile. "Kind of spur of the moment," he said, standing, and brushing himself off. As expected, bunches of dust fell off his pant legs. "I've always liked machinery. Where I'm from, we've got automatons, but they're not as interesting as the Naryu ones. I think they run on soulstones, still, too, and that doesn't seem like a smart thing to me. I had no idea how to fix that, or what else to use, so I decided to try studying machines, find somehow else to deal with it that doesn't require soulstones or anything, but I was getting pretty much nowhere. Still kind of am, but, I'm learning a good deal, anyway. I guess that's good."
    It probably was good. If nothing else, it was interesting enough, that he didn't feel the need to run off again, and things that made him hold still were somewhat few and far between, so to say. "Something tells me, though," he started, tilting his head to the side, "you don't generally guide random people through the ruins, so I'm curious why I'm still here." That was a strange outcome. "Not that I'm complaining, though."
  2. Choi Janghun
    Probably, Janghun had to admit that. His parents and younger siblings didn't hate him, at least, but he was a bit more of a free-spirit than they knew what to do with. Janghun figured, it was part of being the eldest. The Talus Dominion was founded long before he was born, his parents just hadn't gotten tired of it, yet. His mother was born to nobility, and had status even before she was the empress, but his father... some said Janghun inherited his boldness and freedom. Janghun had a word or two to say about that theory.
    Janghun looked away, at the wall, then the floor, fidgeted a bit. "Sometimes," he answered. "My father founded it, and all. Raised it up and built it with his own two hands, so to say, and I think he's a bit too proud of it. Mother never seems to have anything to say other than something about people grow up and their minds change, so I shouldn't burn all the bridges with my father too soon. She's really more of a diplomat than anything." Somehow, it suited her, he thought.
    "My siblings all are way more interested than I am. Seems like it's really kind of a matter of pride; probably for us both, really. He's the father and I'm not respecting his wishes, and I'm a young, stubborn jerk that just wants to live his own life. So, here we are, pretty much at war with each other, with no end in sight." When he put words to it like that, it seemed... sad, honestly. "Parents always seem to see their kids as kids, you know? Thinking we can't make our own decisions, or don't really know what we want yet. Maybe I don't know what I want, but I know what I don't, you know? We get talking about it, and eventually he decides he's right, and I'm wrong, and the details aren't important. They're just details to him, but they're kind of my entire life, and I don't think that's really sunk in, just yet."
    Anyway, that wasn't at all important. "Not that you asked for all of that, sorry." That was kind of rude of him.
  3. Choi Janghun
    There weren't many Naryu ruins where he was from. Even so, the merchants and the travellers always seemed to have something interesting to say about the Naryu ruins that were scattered around the world, and up until now, Janghun had never really thought about it. It hadn't, at the time, seemed important, but now he found himself remembering all the things that had been said about them. It was a good thing, as it sort of began preparing him for the mess some of the ruins had turned out to be, but as fate, or whatever, would have it, these particular ruins on the Sentinel Coast had watchers.
    If Janghun had to guess, it had something to do with the Blackram having a port here. It wasn't like pirates would really have much regard for history, most likely. He himself, arguably, didn't sometimes, at least not as much as he could, but he was careful not to damage anything. It turned out, things weren't necessarily careful not to damage him, but he'd been doing alright, mostly. Now, though, he had a shadow, of a sort, following him around (and really, he'd thought he'd gotten away from having shadows when he'd left Zaiwei). The shadow, named Seiran (odd name), was at least nice enough not to chase him off, let him piddle around studying the relics, engravings, and artefacts scattered around, and was also nice enough to let him know which switches not to press in curiosity.
    Janghun had gathered, so far, that the Naryu really liked complex machinery, and also puzzles. There were so many puzzles... just the other day, he'd needed to solve a riddle in order to solve a puzzle, to open a door. Someone must have solved that riddle already, because there wasn't much of note behind that door (at least, not enough to warrant a riddle-puzzle just to get the door open), but the engravings were proving interesting. As it was, he'd managed to refine his understanding of ancient Naryu writing well enough to read it, about half the time. There were still letters he couldn't recognise yet, too many words he didn't know how to say, nor what meant, but he was learning, slowly but surely.
    It helped Seiran seemed to understand Naryu language and writing about as well as his body knew how to breathe.
    He wasn't looking for treasure, or anything. He just liked to learn, and he was particularly interested in how they made their machines work. If he could figure out how they did it, he could alter their designs and methods to rely on something besides soulstones. At least, that was the hope, but he knew it was perhaps futile a hope. Some goals were not about reaching the goal, but about the journey to get there, anyway. He sat back on his haunches, arms bent and hands resting on his legs, eyeing the engraving he'd just spent the last half hour unburying. Some of it was missing, it looked like, but he still only understood half of it, and it seemed to be another riddle. Was there another door, here?
    Well, that'd make sense, he thought. "And another thing I can't read," he sighed, out loud, mostly for the benefit of his shadow, wherever he was. "Here seems good for a break, though." Ah, that it did. Sometimes, Janghun missed home, if he was being honest.
    Most of the time, he was glad not to be in the Dominion.

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